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NJSP Medical Helicopter

Lavallette First Aid

Po Box 334
Lavallette, NJ 08735
1207 Bay Boulevard Lavallette, NJ 08735
732-793-4813 (Non Emergency)
(not staffed full time)

Date Founded 1948
Proudly serving the Borough of Lavallette for 65 years

911 Emergency


Medical Care and Covid-91

The New Jersey Department of Health and the New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA) have produced a joint Public Service Announcement (PSA) targeting residents who may suffer a potential heart attack or stroke and might be reluctant to go to hospital Emergency Departments due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PSA, which features Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli and NJHA President and CEO Cathy Bennett, was made following reports that residents may be delaying needed health care that they require because of concerns of hospital safety and capacity amid coronavirus. The message reassures residents that hospitals and their healthcare teams are continuing to care for all patients in a safe environment.

We hope you can help us get this critical information out to your communities and New Jersey residents.

The press release is available at: Link

The PSA can be viewed on YouTube: Link


Navigation Bullet Members Wanted

imageThe Lavallette First Aid Squad is looking for members to who want to join the squad. All training is provided and no experience is necessary. Training such as CPR, EMT is provided at no charge.

Becoming a member of such a great organization can be very rewarding. You will be helping members of you community, learning great medical skills, making life long friends.

Any person wishing to join the squad and help your community can call the captain at 732-793-7390

Downloadable Application


First Aid Rig

Upcoming Events

Lavallette Women's Auxiliary Flea Market
Lavallette First Aid Squad
Firehouse/First Aid Parking lot Philadelphia Ave
July , 2021 8am-4pm


2021 Lavallette Women's Auxiliary First Aid Card Parties


Navigation Bullet Emergency Medical Information Card

Please help the First Aid Squad help you.
Download and fill out the Medical Information Card
and keep it in an easily accessible place, like on your refrigerator.


Navigation Bullet Lavallette First Aid Squad History

In August 1942 a group of public spirited citizens banded together and formed the Lavallette First Aid Squad, Incorporated. Prior to that time ambulance ser­vice for the borough was provided by the Point Pleasant Beach First Aid Squad, and later, by Tri-Boro First Aid Squad of Seaside Park. Initial officers in the new squad were: Orsi Chambers, President; Charles Schlosser, Sr., Vice President; Joe De Vaul, Treasurer; and F. Coleman Brice, Sr., Secretary. Lavallette's first ambulance was a 1928 Studebaker donated by the Tri-Boro Squad. Initially the Squad operated with a membership of approximately fifteen and provided coverage for a five mile stretch of the beach extending from the south boundary of Lavallette north to Mantoloking. In those early days the squad answered less than 100 calls per year.

The Squad's first home was located at the comer of Grand Central and Washington Avenues in a building which now houses the Police Department. This building was constructed largely by members, using building materials donated by borough residents. The Squad occupied this building until 1960 when the Borough purchased the building for use by the Police Department. At that time the Squad built headquarters at its present location on Washington Avenue and Bay Boulevard . The construction was financed by donations and squad funds.

First Lavallette Squad Building built by members on corner of Washington and Grand Central Avenues. Dedicated in 1950 L. to R. Charles Schlosser, Jr.. Bob Wilbert, John Cagni, Charles Schlosser, Sr., Police Chief Joe Borrelli, Name unknown, Mildred Schlosser, Joe DeVaul, Fred Swearingen, Helene P. Griffith. Sitting: Coleman Brice, Sr


In 1962, due to an increasing number of calls, the Squad bought a second ambulance and increased its membership to twenty-five persons.

As the Squad continued to grow, an addition to the squad house was completed in 1969 which provided space to garage up to four vehicles. In the early 1980's a second addition was completed to provide space for storage, an office, a supply room, enlarged bays to accommodate larger ambulances, a commercial kitchen and the Sunset Room. The building is used as a means of raising money when the Sunset Room and kitchen are rented for special occasions. The Squad still depends on the generosity of the residents of Lavallette for the majority of its operating funds but conducts several other fund-raising events during the year. Most notable of these are the Jimmy Buff sausage and pepper sandwiches its makes and sells at the Heritage Day festival and its Sunday Sunset Suppers during the Gazebo concert season.


Lavallette First Aid Squad Burns Mortgage and Dedicates Two New Rigs

Burning of mortgage and dedication of two new rigs: L. to R. Engineer Philip Slowinski (kneeling), A.J. Sanzari, 1st Lt. Bill Matthaei, President Diana Simpson, 2nd Lt. Arthur Simpson, Captain and Vice President Theodore Golubowski, September, 1986


In 1957, the executive committee of the Squad authorized the formation of a Ladies Auxiliary. Its sole purpose is to provide financial aid to the Squad. Its first president was Mildred Schlosser. The present membership includes twenty five active non-affiliated members. The Auxiliary conducts monthly card parties and two highly successful Flea Markets in July and August of every year.

L to R: Art Anderson, Roman Birchler, Louis Hesse, P. W. Bloom; 1960's.

Today the Squad has come a long way from those days in the early 1940's. In 1996 equipment consisted of two fully equipped modem ambulances, a four-wheel drive vehicle that can be used for emergencies on the beaches, and a rescue truck equipped with many extrication tools including the Jaws of Life. In 1996 The Squad continued to maintain a roll of twenty-five active members and handle approximately 600 calls a year.

Beach Rig

The present members of the First Aid Squad contin­ually take classes to improve their skills and hold in-service training sessions, as well as drills. Today's members exhibit the same dedication that has provided Lavallette with the finest emergency medical service available throughout the years.

Ricard Ginglen,Jr. and Arthur Simpson contributed to this article

Lavallette History Book 2nd Edition
"The History of Lavallette, Second Edition"
A work of the Lavallette Heritage Committee.
Available @ Borough Hall and the Welcome Center / Badge Office


Navigation Bullet Tips to keep in mind when calling 9.1.1

When calling 911, give the address of the patient along with the nearest cross streets, age and symptoms of the patient(s). Follow any instructions the 911 operator gives you.

Keep a card that is easily accessible with your family's medical information. This information should include: Name, Date of Birth, Medical History, Medications with dosage information, and Allergies.

Make sure your house number is clearly visible. If at night, you can turn on the porch light.

Remember to stay calm, the 9.1.1, operator is there to help.


Navigation Bullet Donations

The Lavallette First Aid Squad does not rely on tax collections for daily operating expenses. None of our members are paid for their work. Our expenses involve vehicle and equipment purchases and maintenance, training, supplies and the like. What we do rely on is the donations made to us by the residents and businesses of Lavallette.

The Squad accepts donations year-round and is very much appreciative of any assistance the community is able to provide.

While donations are sometimes made simply on the generosity of the giver, many people choose to donate to the Squad to celebrate and remember special events and people in their lives. Others choose to give as thanks for service our members provided to them or their loved ones in their time of need.


Navigation Bullet General First Aid For Common Ailments

The following is for informational purposes only not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


First Aid for Sunburn

Sunburns can be very serious. Ranging from mild discomfort to severe burning over a large portion of the body, a bad sunburn can also be further complicated by heatstroke. For minor sunburn, give first aid as follows:

  • Check the person thoroughly to determine the extent and severity of the burn.
  • Get out of the sun immediately.
  • Cover the burn with a wet towel or gently sponge the area with cool water to relieve pain.
  • Pat the skin dry and apply medicated sunburn ointment or lotion.
  • Apply according to directions on the package and watch for warning signs of an allergic reaction.  
  • Protect burnt areas from further exposure to the sun.
  • Don't break any blisters--doing so may promote infection. If large areas of the skin begin to blister, seek medical help.
  • If the person begins to vomit or develops a fever, give first aid for heatstroke and get medical help. First Aid for heatstroke.



A life-threatening condition where the body's temperature rises far above normal. The body's temperature control mechanism fails, sweating may stop and the body temperature rises rapidly. When you notice rapid pulse, noisy breathing, convulsions or vomiting and hot, flushed skin, give first aid for heatstroke.

  • Check for symptoms of heatstroke. Lowering the body temperature is the most urgent first aid for heatstroke.
  • Move the person to a cool, shaded place or indoors if possible. Call for medical help.
  • Cool the person by removing clothing, covering with a wet sheet, immersing in cool water or sponging with cool water, especially in the armpits, neck and groin areas.
  • When the body feels cool to the touch, cover the casualty with a dry sheet. Put the conscious casualty into the shock position and the unconscious casualty into the recovery position. If temperature begins to rise again, repeat step three.
  • Continue to monitor the person until medical help is available.


First Aid for an insect bite or sting

  • Examine the sting site closely, looking for the stinger that may be still in the skin.
  • If a stinger is visible and accessible, attempt to remove it by carefully scraping it and the attached poison sac from the skin. Don't use tweezers, fingers or anything that might squeeze more poison into the body.
  • To reduce the irritation at the site of the sting, apply rubbing alcohol, a weak ammonia solution or a paste of baking soda and water. Ice can also be used. Never use alcohol or ammonia near the eyes.
  • If the sting is in the mouth, give the person a mouthwash of one teaspoonful of baking soda in a glass of water, or a piece of ice to suck on. Monitor the person for swelling or difficulty breathing. If symptoms occur, get medical help.


Signs of an allergic reaction to insect bite or sting

  • General itching, rash developing at site and over body.
  • A bump on the skin may form, that may be white, pink, reddish or blotchy.
  • The person may experience generalized swelling, especially of the airway.
  • Weakness and headache.
  • Fever.
  • Breathing difficulties may be become severe - if this happens get medical help immediately.
  • The person may express anxiety.
  • Abdominal cramps and vomiting.


Navigation Bullet Medical Information


24/7 Minor Emergency Care

Ocean Care CenterExternal Link
www.oceancarecenter.comExternal Link
1517 Richmond Avenue
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
(Intersection of Routes 35 & 88)
No Appointment Necessary

Click Here for Directions


Area Hospital LinksExternal Link

Community Medical Center
99 Highway 37 West
Toms River, NJ 08755

Ocean Medical Center
425 Jack Martin Blvd
Brick, NJ 08724

Kimball Medical Center
600 River Avenue
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Jersey Shore University Medical Center
1945 Rte 33
Neptune, NJ 07753


Area Specialty Hospitals

Deborah Heart and Lung Center
200 Trenton Road
Browns Mills, NJ 08015


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