Lavallette Heritage Committee

18 Kerr Avenue
Lavallette, NJ 08735

In 1987 when Lavallette celebrated its 100th anniversary, the events surrounding that occasion were planned and coordinated by the Centennial Committee, chaired by Joy Grosko. The committee laid the plans to build the Gazebo and Centennial Gardens as a lasting memorial for the citizens of the community.

imageThe gazebo, erected in 1986-1987, was built by volunteer labor from the community. Many people donated their time and effort to work on the project. The construction was overseen by Joseph Mazarella and Tom Grosko. C.W. "Bill" Johnson designed and built the cupola as a memorial to the late U.S.A.F. Major George Pollin, a Lavallette resident. The volunteers worked through the winter and spring, braving the cold and the wind, to finish the Gazebo by the summer. Landscaping was begun in the summer of 1987 and the formal dedication ceremony was held on September 19, 1987 in the middle of tremendous rainstorms. It is a focal point of the community today: weddings are held there; the Elementary School graduation ceremonies are conducted there; and the summer concert bands entertain there.

imageUnder Mrs. Grosko's leadership, the Centennial Committee became the Lavallette Heritage Committee, Incorporated in 1989. The purpose of the Heritage Committee is "to foster the cultural and historical interests of our residents and visitors."

Recognizing the importance of education, the committee sponsors a scholarship for local high school children. Most important of all of its projects is its dedication to perpetuating the care of the Gazebo and Centennial Gardens on the bay front at Philadelphia Avenue.


Lavallette History Book 2nd Edition
"The History of Lavallette, Second Edition"
A work of the Lavallette Heritage Committee.



The committee meets formally four times a year at the Lavallette First Aid Building but its members work continually throughout the year on their various projects.


New Jersey Council On The Arts

The Lavallette Heritage Committee is funded in part by a grant from
The Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders