Emergency Notification 


An Emergency Notification System gives those in charge of public safety the ability to reach out to the public in case of an emergency event with a recorded message. The message is able to be sent to every telephone number listed in the directory within a matter of minutes.

Whether residents need to be informed of a water main break, a fast-moving fire, approaching storms, or other crisis, the notification system is the most efficient way to reach them with the news.

The Borough of Lavallette strongly encourages residents to register your land line and cell phone numbers and email addresses to receive emergency messages from The Borough of Lavallette

This does not preclude you from calling 911 if you need emergency assistance; it simply provides an opportunity for us to disseminate critical information to you if and when the need arises.

The reason for this form is to gather as many means of contact as you may have, so that in the event of an emergency that affects the Borough of Lavallette, we can notify you.

Thank you for your interest in signing up for The Borough of Lavallette Emergency Notification System.

Please tell your friends, family and neighbors about this program.

Please only use Lavallette Address Information 

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The secure, customized Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) page allows residents and businesses to add or update their contact information to ensure they will be included when a message is sent – unlisted numbers, mobile numbers, TDD/TTY requirements can all be entered.

Signup or Make Changes

Please make sure to update contact information as phones numbers change.