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Lavallette has two T-docks for crabbing and fishing on the bay front. There are located at Magee Avenue & Bay Boulevard, and Reese Avenue & Bay Boulevard. All crabbing and fishing activities are subject to Division of Fish and Wildlife regulations.External Link


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All saltwater anglers and for-hire vessel operators will now be able to register through the no-fee State system rather than the fee-based federal system. Anglers still must register with the state system even if they have already registered with the federal system.

Those who fish from a for-hire party or charter fishing vessel that is registered with the New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry Program are not required to file for an individual registration.

Everyone 16 or older must register and carry the printed registration with them when fishing. Registration must be renewed yearly.

To learn more about the registry and to register, visit: Link


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A valid shellfish license (commercial or recreational) is required for any shellfish harvesting in New Jersey and shellfish permitsExternal Link are required for commercial harvesting. For more information on a shellfish harvesting license and other regulations (such as size limits),
contact the New Jersey Division of Fish, Game & Wildlife, Bureau of ShellfisheriesExternal Link at (609) 748-2040.

Each year, the Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring collects approximately 10,000 water samples and analyzes these samples at its laboratory facilities in Leeds Point, NJ. In addition, bureau staff regularly perform field surveys of the coastal shoreline to monitor any actual or potential pollution sources. This information is reviewed each year in order to update the classification of the state's coastal waters for shellfish harvest.

Barnegat Bay Classification Map
Barnegat Bay and Other New Jersey Classification ZonesExternal Link


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