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Bonnie Peterson, Esq.


Official News Papers for the Borough of Lavallette

The Ocean Star - Point Pleasant Beach
The Asbury Park Press - Ocean County
The Press of Atlantic City - Pleasantville
The Trenton Times - Trenton
The Trentonian - Trenton





Navigation Bullet Mayor Walter G. LaCicero

Mayor Watler G. LaCicero
Elected Mayor 2007
Current term expires 2026

Mayor LaCicero has office hours at 3pm on the Friday before a council meeting. Events Calendar

2024 Schedule:
For the current time the Mayor is available by appointment. Please contact the municipal building to request a meeting with the mayor.

Navigation Bullet Members of Council


Anita F. Zalom Council President

Councilwoman Anita Zalom
Elected to council 1997
Current term expires 2026
Chairwoman - Public Affairs, Recreation, and Social Services
Second - Public Safety
Liaison to CDBG, Tourism & Grants Committee, Recreation Committee,
Beautification Committee, Environmental Committee.
Other Functions - Friends of the Library, School Liaison, Celebration of Public Events, Lavallette Business Association Liaison, Memorials Committee


James G. Borowski

Councilman James Borowski
Elected to council 2010
Current term expires 2024
Chairman - Administration and Finance
Second - Planning and Zoning
Third - Utilities
Liaison to Municipal Utility Advisory Committee
Other Functions - Public Power, Friends of the Library


Joanne Filippone

Councilwoman Joanne Filippone
Elected to council 2007
Current term expires 2024
Chairwoman - Public Safety, Planning and Zoning
Second - Administration and Finance
Liaison to Ordinance Committee, Beautification Committee, Memorials Committee


David Finter

Councilman Dave Finter
Appointed to council to fill unexpired term September 2014
Elected to council 2015
Current term expires 2026
Chairman - Utilities
Second - Public Works
Liaison - Environmental Committee, Municipal Utility Advisory Committee


Robert Lamb

Councilman Robert Lamb
Elected to council 2005
Current term expires 2025
Chairman - Public Works
Second - Beach Operations, Utilities.
Liaison to Ordinance Committee, Memorials Committee


Michael Stogdill

Councilman Michael Stogdill
Elected to council 2007
Current term expires 2025
Chairman - Beach Operations
Second - Public Affairs and Social Services, Recreation
Liaison to Municipal Utility Advisory Committee, Founders Day
Other Functions - Census


Navigation Bullet Administration

John Bennett, Borough Administrator

Donnelly Amico, Municipal Clerk, Registrar

Christian LaCiCero, Chief of PoliceLink

Chrissa Sierfeld, CMFO, Tax Collector

Sharon Morgan, Tax Assessor

Elizabeth Boettger, Municipal Court Administrator

Ted Golubowski, Superintendent of Public Works

Pete Kane, Supervisor of Electric Department

Brendan Brice, Animal Control Officer

Tom Brihn, Construction Official, Zoning Officer

Jack Caucino, Beach Captain


Navigation Bullet Borough of Lavallette Past Officials


Dr. George Kerr 1888-1890
Charles C. Eareckson 1890-1910
William R. Taylor 1911
Charles Justice Smith 1911-1916
William J. Shedwick 1917-1918
George B. Mardin 1919-1920
Enoch T VanCamp 1921-1926
Charles Hankins. Sr. 1927-1930
Carl B. Wyncoop 1931-1932
William G. Debele 1933
Jacob Jacobsen 1934-1939
Edward J. McGuirk Nov. 1939-1948
Arthur Chandler 1947-1954
Philip J. Gavio 1955-1956
F. Coleman Brice 1957-1960
James Hankins 1961-1964
Alan L. F. Conner 1965-June 1967; 1971- 1974
Ira Gaskill 1967-1970
Roman J. Birchler 1975-1978
Ralph Gorga 1979-1986
James M. Boekholt. Jr. 1987-1994
Aileen Barow 1995-1998
Thomas J. Walls 1999-2006
Walter G. LaCicero 2007-Present


Members of Council

Charles J. Biddle 1888-1910
James G. Bryan 1888-1900
William D. Haines 1888-1898; 1902
Lawrence S North 1888-1893; 1897-1900
William W. Wallace 1888-1893; 1893-1900
George A. Wilt 1888; 1900-1906
William J. Greene 1888-1893
Daniel W. Thom 1893-1900
Oscar G. Sands 1897-1902
Uriah Shuster 1898-1900
John J. Johnson 1899-1906; April 1921-1924
Charles B. Clevenger 1900-1902
Affred MacQueen 1900-1904
Ralph W. Conrad 1903-1909
James McComnick 1903-1906
James D. Ferris 1906-1907
Dr. Joseph W. White 1906-1910
Howard H. Price 1909-1911
John H. George 1906-1912
James L. Irons 1909
Thomas D. Cummings 1908-1909
N. Joseph Englebert 1909-1914
William R. Taylor 1910
Henry J. Barr 1911-1917
Charles Garibaldi. Sr. 1911-1914
John F Montross 1911-1913
Barron V. Piard 1912-July 1913
J. L. Messick 1913
H. E. Betelle 1914-1918
Thaddeus S. Mellinger 1914-February 1919
Harry A. Whitock 1914-September 1918
William J. Shedwick 1915-1917
J. A. Wayne 1915-1917
Arthur B. Cheney 1917
Ira C. Monarch 1917-1918
Charles Hankins, Sr. 1918-1920
George W. Johnson 1918-1928
George B. Mardin 1918
Richard Bloom 1919-1921; 1925-1930
E. J. Ensell January-August 1919
James W. Hingley November 1919-September 1922
R. C. Strickland 1919-1921
Enoch T. VanCamp 1920-1921
William H. Nugent 1921-1926
Arthur Applegate 1921-1926
Augustus Helmuth March-December 1922
Henry H. Stevens 1923-1928
Jacob Jacobsen. Sr 1923-1933
William S. Williams 1925-ApriI 1926; June 1944-1957
Charles H. Cox May-December 1926; Feb-Dec 1927
Affred J. Eberhard 1927-1929
Charles C. Schlosser 1928-1930
J. Harvey Austin 1929-1931
Arnold S. Lane 1929-1934
Philip J. Gavio 1930-1932; 1934-1935; 1937-1939
Harvey Benner 1931-1933
J. L. Cluley 1931-1933
Charles Nagle 1932
J. Carleton Esty 1933-1946
Zach Gant 1933-1935; 1939-1945
Fred Applegate 1934-1936
Arthur L Clark 1934-January 1939
Edward J. McGuirk 1935-November 1939
Edwin Davis 1936-1941; 1946-1951
Walter H. Purdy 1936-1941; 1946-1951; 1955-1957
Arthur Chandler May 1939-1946
Charles J. Garibaldi, Jr. January-May 1939
John B. Applegate 1940-1942
Leslie M. Stadelhofer December 1939-December 1942
Edward F. Beers 1942-1950
Clarence E. Cockfair December 1942-1946
Charles O. Bloom 1943; November 1951-1954
Ira Gaskill January-February 1943; 1963-1966
Anthony Divito November 1947-1950
Leo Jenkins January-October 1947
Leslie J. McKelvey 1947-1949
Charles P. Speaker 1947-1949
Jacob A. Jacobsen, Jr. 1950-November 1951
Elmer Brackman 1951-1953
Mariner P Griffith 1951-June 1953
Joseph I. DeVaul 1952-1956
Walther Wichmann 1953-1956; 1961
F. Coleman Brice 1954-1956
George Cooper 1954-April 1955
Ralph Anteau 1955-1962
James Hankins 1957-1980
Robert Kumnin 1957-1962
Roman Birchler 1958-December 1974
James M. Boekholt. Sr. 1958-1969
Thomas Rooney 1959-1964
Raymond Williams 1962-1964
Alan L. F. Conner 1963-1964
Harold Wist 1965
Louis Anzalone 1965-1970
Harry Wells 1965-1970
Robert Wenzel 1966-1980
Albert A. Duggan 1967-1968
Charles Shubert 1969-1971
Harold K. Lammerman January-May 1970
John Frayman June 1970-1975; 1987-1992
Harvey Freeland 1971-1973
Richard Woods January 1971-November 1971
Charles Savelli 1972-December 1974
Ralph Gorga 1972-1976
Robert Plosica 1974-1976
William Daniels December 1974-1978; 1984-1986
Stephen A. Pepe 1975-1980
Sue C. Johnson 1976-1978
James M. Boekholt Jr. 1977-1988
David Shableski 1977-1979
Walter LaCicero 1979-1981
Paul Genovese 1979-1981
Walter Donlan 1980-1994; 1996-2002
Charles Kogge 1981-1983
Jerry Skinner 1981-1986
Theodore Golubowski 1982-1989
Harold Walsh 1982-1984
Joseph Gardinier 1984-1993
Brick Wenzel 1987-1994, 2001-2003
Arthur C. Simpson 1988-1994  2001
Anne H. Willis 1990-1996
Gloria Saldiveri 1993-1995
William Newman December 1994-1995
Benjamin Brockwell 1995-1997 November December 2002
Kevin Dey 1995-1997
Alice Bass 1996-1998
Norman E. Young 1996-2001
Daniel Coviello 1998-2000
Anita Zalom 1997-Present
James G. Borowski 1999-2004, 2010-Present
Thomas Walls 1998-1999
Arthur Mrozek 2000
Bob Korb 1999-2003
William Zylinski 2003-2005
Britta Wenzel 2004-2009
Nicholas Zaccaria 2002-2004
Barbara Brown 2004-2006
Walter G. LaCicero, Jr. 2005-2006
Robert Lamb 2005-Present
Joseph Ardito 2006-2008
Joanne Filippone 2007-Present
Michael Stogdill 2007-Present
LeRoy "Lee" Horan 2009-September 2014
David Finter September 2014-Present

Past Borough Clerks

Gordon Homer
Louis Hesse
Anna Hankins
Jayne Bottone
Kathleen LaVechia
Christopher Parlow