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Navigation Bullet Water Service Line Material Survey

In July 2021, P.L.2021, Ch.183 (Law) was enacted, requiring all community water systems to replace lead and galvanized service lines in their service area within 10 years. Under the law, the Borough of Lavallette is required to inventory public and private water services to identify all service line materials.

Service Line Diagram

In an effort to report all private water service line materials to the State of New Jersey, the Borough of Lavallette is requesting you, the Homeowner, to inspect your current water service and determine the material that has been installed for your property. Below you will find pictures of the following water service materials:

Copper Water Service

Polyethylene (Plastic) Water Service

  Galvanized Water Service

Service Line Materal

The Borough of Lavallette is requesting that you complete the survey to help determine the material type of the private water service line at your address.

You can complete the form directly on our website here and have them automatically submitted.

The Survey can also be returned via regular mail, email or municipal drop-box.

Click here to download pdf version of survey form. Pdf File

For reporting purposes or to ask any questions regarding this matter, you can contact Charles Farrah via the link at the top of this page or via phone at 732-793-7766.