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Auto Pay & E-Bills

Go paperless with all of your Lavallette Utility transactions with E-Bills and Auto Pay!

Navigation Bullet Borough of Lavallette “Auto Pay”

Sign up for our Automatic Payment Plan and have your bills automatically
paid from your checking or savings account on the due date! Auto Pay is available for Taxes, Water/Sewer and Electric or any combination.

Remove the stress of misplaced or late bill payments with The Borough of Lavallette "Auto Pay" program. No more writing checks, rummaging for stamps, or rushing to get your payment in on time! Auto Pay forms have the option on them to receive E-Bills.

How does it work?

You will receive your Borough of Lavallette bills as usual, still have the same time to review. Your payment will be automatically deducted from your account on the due date. You'll know that your Auto Pay account is active once you see the words "Direct Debit Plan - Do Not Pay" printed on your bill. It's that simple!

Tax Bills Are Only Printed Once Per Year.
If You Sign Up, Keep In Mind Your Bill Will Not Say "Direct Debit Plan Do Not Pay"
Until Your Next Bill Is Printed.

Signing up is easy!

Just fill out the Authorization for Automatic Payments form, and return it to Borough of Lavallette. Just remember to keep paying your bill until your bill reflects that your Auto Pay account has been activated.

Once your paperwork's done, you won't have to lift a finger to pay your Borough of Lavallette Bills, Auto Pay will do it for you!

Auto Pay Signup

Return Form to:
Borough of Lavallette
1306 Grand Central Avenue
Lavallette, NJ 08735

Account Changes use signup form and mark at the top "Account Change".

Cancellation of Auto Pay

The authorization is to remain in full force and effect until the Borough of Lavallette has received written notification from applicant of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford the Borough of Lavallette and Depository a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

Auto Pay Termination


Navigation Bullet E-Bills for Utilities - Now available, online submission for E-Bill signup and termination.

Sign up for E-Bills and receive your electric and water / sewer bills via email. The provided bills include more account information than can be printed on the postcard size bills.

Check the boxes for your electric, and or water and sewer to begin receiving your bills electronically. E-Bills are not available for taxes at this time. Not Limited to or Required for Auto Pay.

Sample E-Bill
Click Here to see sample E-Bill Pdf File

If you do not want to sign up for Auto Pay but would like to sign up for E-Bills, please use the e-bill form provided below to signup.

If you do not receive your E-Bill please check your spam/junk folder. If your E-Bills are going into your spam/junk folder you can add the email address to your contacts or safe sender list. This should resolve any issues with your E-Bills being flagged as spam.

E-Bill Signup

Cancellation of E-Bills

If you no longer wish to receive E-Bills please notify us with the following form.

E-Bill Termination