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Navigation Bullet New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign Provides Free Tree Seedlings to Residents in Borough of Lavallette Update March 24, 2015

Borough of Lavallette - Free tree seedlings will be available to Lavallette residents starting April 3, 2015 as part of the New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign. This program helps communities replace trees damaged or destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.

 From 7:30 am to 2:30 pm starting on April 3, 2015 and until supplies last, residents will be able to pick up tree seedlings at the Lavallette Recycling Center, located at 125 Washington Avenue. Seedlings, available on a first come, first served basis, also come with instructions on how to store, care for, and plant them. The guides help residents choose the right place on a property to plant a tree while keeping in mind the tree’s full-grown size in the future. Residents should plant the seedlings within two days after pick-up in order to prevent the roots from drying out.

 The goal of the Tree Recovery Campaign is to distribute over 500,000 tree seedlings to New Jersey residents over the course of the next five years. It is a joint effort between the Borough of Lavallette, New Jersey State Forestry Services, New Jersey Soil Conservation Districts, Sustainable Jersey, Arbor Day Foundation, Brothers International, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Wyndham Vacation Resorts, and FedEx.

When properly planted and maintained, trees can be assets to a community. They improve the visual appeal of a neighborhood or business district, increase property values, reduce home cooling costs, remove air pollutants, and provide wildlife habitat, among many other benefits.



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The New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign, a joint effort between the Department of Environmental Protection’s State Forestry Services and the non-profit Arbor Day Foundation, is distributing 115,000 tree seedlings to neighborhoods in more than 100 towns and cities to replace thousands of trees lost across the state due to Superstorm Sandy, DEP Commissioner Bob Martin announced today.

Municipalities interested in the free program registered last month. The trees are being delivered to those towns by the State Forestry Services and distributed to residents. Distributions of up to 1,000 trees per municipality began on Saturday and will continue throughout the month of April.

“Superstorm Sandy’s winds toppled a staggering number of trees in towns across the state, and not just the counties that were hardest hit by the storm,” said Commissioner Bob Martin. “Through this campaign, residents can replant trees where it means the most to them—right in their backyard.”

State Forestry Service’s New Jersey Forest Nursery provides the seedlings for the campaign. From stately oak trees to petite dogwoods, the nursery is shipping out over 30 different tree species.

Although the seedlings will stand no more than knee-high when distributed, residents must keep in mind the full-grown size of the species when planting. In particular, they should be mindful of overhead utility lines and the proximity to structures. To ensure survival, residents should plant the trees promptly after pick-up.

From now until April 19, each participating town will distribute seedlings on a designed date. To find a distribution location, visit www.communityforestry.nj.govExternal Link
or Pdf File or call (609) 292-2532.

The New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign is a joint effort between the New Jersey State Forestry Services' Community Forestry Program and State Forest Nursery, New Jersey Soil Conservation Districts, Sustainable Jersey, and the Arbor Day Foundation. Financial support for the program is being provided by the Arbor Day Foundation.

The State Forestry Service’s Forest Nursery opened in Jackson in 1982 where foresters grow 500,000 trees annually. The nursery sells the majority of trees in packets of 100 to private landowners, including families and businesses, who use the trees to reforest their land. Packet prices start at $30.

The nursery also offers the Third Grade Tree Team program where each third grader in the state is eligible to receive a free tree seedling when requested by their school. For Arbor Day celebrations, the nursery offers 98 tube seedlings for $25. For more information on these programs, visit www.forestnursery.orgExternal Link or call (732) 928-0029.

The National Arbor Day Foundation has been helping communities cope with the aftermath of natural disasters through its Tree Recovery Campaigns since 2011. For more on the Arbor Day Foundation , visit: : Link