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Community Development Block Grant 

This page will no longer be regularly updated and may contain stale information on the status of the project.


The Christie Administration announced that applications for the following programs offered through the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Action Plan will be available this Friday, May 24, 2013. Applications for the various program will be made through the State of New Jersey – Department of Community Affairs website at Link

Sandy victims can apply online or through a hotline: 1-855-SANDYHM (1-855-726-3946). The TTY/TDD numbers for the hearing impaired are 609-984-7300 or 1-800-286-6613

Homeowner Programs

Rental Programs

Business Programs

New 6/4/13: The state has just released two very helpful FAQ documents pertaining to the two main CDBG homeowner programs. The first explains the $150,000 max grant RREM program, and the second explains the $10,000 resettlement grant. Please find the links below.


Resettlement FAQ: Link

 To view the Action Plan, visit the NJ Department of Community Affairs’ website at Link Pdf File 5.73mb

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State of New Jersey Superstorm Sandy Recovery DivisionExternal Link

The Christie Administration announced that Sandy-impacted homeowners have until August 1, 2013 to apply for the Homeowner Resettlement and Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) Programs.

New as of 8/6/13
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1020K Pdf File



On July 30, 2013, the federal government issued a notice in response to the various requests from the Christie Administration to allow for reimbursement of homeowners and landlords of costs they have already undertaken to rebuild, repair and mitigate their homes, or rental properties.

The notice provides guidance to recovery programs funded by the federal government through the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) grants. The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) will issue additional guidelines and procedures in the coming week to ensure the maximum benefit is applied to New Jersey’s Sandy-impacted households and landlords.

Eligible Housing Programs:


  • The State is still currently restricted by the federal government on reimbursement of costs incurred after the Time of Application; therefore, continuing with work after an application has been submitted will likely make that work  ineligible for the grant funds.
    • Homeowners, landlords and businesses are advised that it is their choice to continue work; however, it is in their best interest to stop ongoing construction and repairs in order to maximize the costs that CAN be covered by the grant funds.
    • This is a decision for homeowners, landlords and businesses to make, and this guidance is only to alert them of the risks associated with a decision to continue work.
    • Homeowners, rental property owners and businesses that have started work are advised to keep all receipts of money spent to date on activities related to the rebuild, repair and mitigation of their property for possible reimbursement.

General Guidance from the Federal Government: 

  • Allows reimbursement of eligible costs as a result of Sandy that were incurred by an applicant PRIOR to the TIME OF APPLICATION.
  • Reimbursement rules:
    • Before any CDBG-DR funds can be provided for reimbursement to the applicant, an environmental review must be completed and cleared by the State. 
    • Costs must be considered within federal guidelines as “necessary and reasonable” for federal program funds.
    • Limited to properties where work has been done on the same footprint as before.

Due to limited federal funding, it is unlikely that even with an additional allocation that every RREM applicant who was placed on the wait list will receive an award, even if New Jersey receives additional funds from the federal government. Therefore, those who are waitlisted should be guided by that fact as they choose whether or not to begin to repair or reconstruct their Sandy-damaged home.